‘Minds – The Diary of a Young Carer’ – A heartfelt and empowering show!

Back in July we worked with young carers across Hounslow on our Platform project to put on a show based on their experiences. The aim of the show was to help address negative perceptions associated with being a young carer and to help encourage unidentified young carers to access services.

We worked with the young carers across a number of months, helping them to gain new creative skills and build positive relationships with us and one another. Sessions were fun and enabled the young carers to voice their opinions and come up with the material they wanted to have in the show.

We were at Hounslow Arts Centre during production week, working in their theatre. This for many of the young carers was the first time they had been in a theatre. The show was a success and moved audiences, it showed the strength and determination of each young carer. One participant said:

It shows that young carers are basically normal and that most perceptions aren’t true” Participant.

Their show was inspiring and we aim to develop their work and tour it around the country, to continue to address these misconceptions surrounding a young carer and again to target unidentified young carers.

We would like to thank Hounslow Arts Centre, Jane Medici and Stephen Hutchinsons from the Hounslow Young Carers project for all of their support throughout the project.