Temporary Research and Development Crowdfunder!

We are aiming to produce a piece of theatre that is shaped by people going through the stress of living in temporary accommodation. Through an open research and development process, working with people with experience of living in temporary accommodation, we will create a piece of theatre that is engaging and enlightening for an audience, whilst being a positive experience for those affected by the crisis itself.

We are asking for the amount of £1500 to add to funds secured and pending to enable the project to run as planned. This will also go towards our matched funding amount in our arts council bid. Should we be unsuccessful in our arts council bid then we will use the money raised to scale back the project, ensuring we are still able to run the drop in sessions for families and then develop a short performance piece, inspired by their experiences.

Please follow the link below for more info and how to donate.

Please share too and thank you everyone for all your support always!