Countdown to Square! 11 days to go

Our new and shiny ‘Square’ poster. Trailer is coming soon.

A dark comedy, with political undertones, that takes a look at a world where square pegs must be forced to fit into round holes… and the chaos that ensues when one person begins to look at square pegs differently.’Impressively executed… The aspects of working life which the play depicts as ridiculous, the enforcement of dehumanising rules, the crushing of independent thought, the inability to admit that both the role one performs and the company itself are largely pointless are frighteningly familiar.’Why can’t we build a new machine… so everyone can fit?’ It shouldn’t be a radical idea; but until we, as a society, decide to build our new machine, works like Square will continue to be needed.’ (Review, The Loop, Sarah Linney).

For adult audiences with blood, violence, explicit & sexual language

Show dates & info:

Saturday 11th August @ 9pm

Sunday 12th August @ 9pm

At The Cockpit,

Gateforth Street
London NW8 8EH
Box Office: 020 7258 2925

Tickets can be brought following the link below: