Thank you for coming to see ‘On Hold’ at Watermans

We had a brilliant audience last week at Watermans, thank you to those who came. Below are some of the feedback we collected:

Audience Feedback:

“Felt anger against the system- it’s clearly broken.”

“Simply AMAZING and relevant piece of theatre.”

“Moved me to tears- so real and heart-wrenching.”

“This needs to have the policy makers in the room to watch, take note and change the system.”

“It shows that it could happen to everyone. Very well done!”

“Very thought provoking!”

“A dreadful situation to find yourself in and how difficult it is to get out of this situation.”

“It changed my perception”

“It has helped me to really think through how this issue is experienced by a family.”

“It was eye-opening getting someone else’s experience”

“This is a very important show for our times. Especially in the current political landscape.”

“Touching, funny and cutting. Very emotive and human.”

“Councils should see this. Council officers should watch as part of their training to increase empathy and install a sense of responsibility to their roles as public servants.”

“The performance made me feel very emotional- a sense of powerlessness but wanting to be able to do more to help vulnerable people/families”

“Helps to break the perception of the idea that people are too picky- anyone can be made homeless!”

“Incredible performance- I don’t attend much theatre but this made me want to see more.”

“Very powerful- thank you for sharing your/people’s stories”

“I volunteer at the local foodbank and understand deeply all issues highlighted in your performance. Brilliant- like ‘Daniel Blake’”

“It brought to life cases and stories that I hear about a lot. It was brilliant.”

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