Performance Company

We have exciting news! We have been funded by Hounslow Council’s Thriving Communities Fund to not only rebrand but relaunch our youth theatre programme. We are opening 3 Performance Company hubs across the Hounslow borough.

In each hub, young people aged 11-18 will be working with leading theatre professionals to explore and unleash their talents and creativity as they work to devise their own bespoke work. Young people are encouraged to take ownership of their creative experience and are able to choose the type of shows they put on and what areas of performance they would like to explore. We will be working towards a youth festival, creating a unique theatre experience for audiences across the borough. 

Our classes are inclusive, we welcome all abilities and there is no need to audition or pressure to be perfect. We think a young person’s uniqueness should be encouraged and their love of performing and creating nurtured in a safe environment. 

Hub 1 (Bedfont Lane Community Centre) Wednesdays 5-6:30pm and is currently running.

Hub 2 (Watermans Arts Centre) Saturdays 1-2:30pm. Start date: Saturday 19th March 2022

Hub 3 (To be announced shortly)

Young people can only sign up to one performance company hub.

Classes are £2 a session

For information and to sign up, click here

We cannot wait for all 3 hubs to be in full swing.

See you there!