Square – 2018

A dark comedy, with political undertones, that takes a look at a world where square pegs must be forced to fit into round holes… and the chaos that ensues when one person begins to look at square pegs differently.“Impressively executed… The aspects of working life which the play depicts as ridiculous– the enforcement of dehumanising rules, the crushing of independent thought, the inability to admit that both the role one performs and the company itself are largely pointless –are frighteningly familiar.
“Why can’t we build a new machine… so everyone can fit?” It shouldn’t be a radical idea; but until we, as a society, decide to build our new machine, works like Square will continue to be needed.”
(Review, The Loop, Sarah Linney)

Square is a part of the Camden Fringe this summer and will be performed at The Cockpit on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August 2018 – 9pm.

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Temporary (In Development) – 2018 

“I was moved into emergency accommodation about 6 weeks ago when my daughter was 11 weeks old. It’s 23 miles away from where I was living and I have been moved away from anyone I know with a new baby…”

Temporary is an exploration piece about the experience of a Mother in temporary housing with her family, it strives to reveal the injustices of a housing system and the effect long term placements in temporary housing have on mental health and well-being. This visual, devised piece will be verbatim-led, with the devising process beginning from the words of Mothers currently in temporary housing. Elements of physical theatre, clowning, digital imagery and storytelling will be used as our ‘Mother’ figure invites the audience into her world and the worlds she escapes to whilst in her housing limbo.

We are currently researching the piece, speaking with Mothers about their experiences which we will reflect in the performance. The Mothers who give accounts to the performance will also help the company shape the performance as they will be invited to join the company in the devising process ensuring their voice is present in the play.

If you have experience of living in Temporary Housing whilst awaiting social housing, please contact us by emailing

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