Platform 2017

In 2017 we piloted a new programme for Tale Be Told Theatre, Platform. The ‘Platform’ programme entails identifying what one might consider an ‘at risk’ or ‘vulnerable’ group in and providing them with the platform to stage their own stories and experiences through a process of workshops and rehearsal in a professional theatre.

Platform 2017 – Young Carers
“you’d think I’d be sad and always anxious but it’s really not like that. We have normal lives too… we look after our parents like they used to look after us…” (Participant).

Thanks to funding from the London Borough of Hounslow and support from Hounslow Arts Centre, we were able to work with with the Hounslow Young Carers to create a performance based on their experiences of being a young carer. Initial sessions with the Young Carers, identified a desire to challenge perceptions of themselves in the public eye. Young carers felt they were misunderstood in the media and wider community, taking offence to their portrayal as victims deserving of sympathy. They wanted to create a piece that enlightened people to their experience whilst asking for empathy as they live their day to day lives.