Plays for Schools

Tale Be Told Theatre have a range of plays available for schools audiences. Our performances are extremely interactive and can be followed by a workshop to further learning and understanding.



Sunshine and The Storm Cloud – Key Stage One and Early Years
This visual, interactive play focuses on Sunshine as she tries to weather the storm that Storm Cloud is intent on creating. They realise through the play that their differences are of equal value and that by coming together and accepting these differences they can achieve great things. This is a simple introduction to the themes of anti-bullying as the characters learn about creating friendships and being empathetic.

SWIPE – Key Stage Two
Swipe is an anti-bullying show that has a focus around cyber bullying and our responsibilities online- the storyline follows a boy who is bullied at school for being different- in the safety of his own home he creates an online persona to ‘fit in’ with the perfect image, yet finds himself pulled into the world of cyber bullying as he tries to tackle his bully in cyber space.

MR ORDINARY – Upper Key Stage Two and Lower Key Stage Three
Mr Ordinary is the story of a man struggling to cope with his mounting pressures. Acting as a gentle introduction to mental health, My Ordinary is a visual, physical production that can aid pupil’s understanding of mental health issues, and what they could do to support others as well as practice good self care.

COUCH POTATO – Key Stage Two
An interactive, action-packed show that explores the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Couch Potato is a sofa-loving, cola swigging, pizza loving slob- and proud of it! Over the course of the show he is surprised by visitors, each aiming to help our Couch Potato make healthier choices. A sports coach, an eccentric chef, an angry tooth and a caring doctor all appear to educate our couch potato, whilst causing chaos. Volunteers from the audience take part in various activities including experiments, games, an exercise session, a cookery show and a quiz

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